Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program

Our Adult Day Program offers seniors opportunities in an inviting environment that promotes socialization through therapeutic programming and healthy living initiatives. At Diversified Dynamic Care, our ADP program services seniors in London and Middlesex County. We offer seniors the tools required to maintain their independence while allowing primary caregivers a break from the caring duties.

The ADP center also accommodates individuals living with developmental disabilities, providing them the opportunities for stimulating recreational and leisure programs geared towards their individual needs.

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Why Choose Us?

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Diversified Dynamic Care offers two different options for adult day programs: half-day and full-day. Our half-day program is a minimum of four hours while our full-day program is more than four hours. Our 12,000-square-foot secure facility is located at 11 St. Johns Drive Arva, Ontario (North of London). The Adult Day Program occupies 11,000 square ft and provides a highly stimulating and interactive environment geared toward the social, physical, mental, and emotional needs of seniors in our community. We deliver a high-quality level of care. All on-site out-patient programming is supervised by highly trained and experienced professionals in the healthcare industry such as nurses and physical therapists. We aim to promote overall improved health, well-being, and independence to improve our client’s quality of life. Our facility is wheelchair accessible and a Semi-lockdown facility so we can accommodate the needs of those that have physical and cognitive needs.

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Care for Those Who Need Help

The program features low patient-to-caregiver ratios and a variety of activities that are stimulating both physically and mentally including music and art therapy as well as horticulture. We offer continental breakfast, hot lunches, and healthy snacks and can of course accommodate any specialty diet. We administer medication and vital signs can be taken daily if needed. A wide array of safety features are included such as cameras and automatically locking doors.

Our early drop-off and late pick-up are designed to accommodate caregivers who have work responsibilities or who need extended respite. We are open as needed on Saturdays. Contact us today to learn more.

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Cost and Funding

Our adult day program is currently private. Therefore, we do not receive assistance from the government. Private insurance and Veteran Affairs may cover the cost but the cost is typically out of pocket. The price range depends on function, cognitive ability, and care requirements. A comprehensive assessment is completed at our facility prior to the enrollment of each client into our program.

If you’re looking for a place that can help a senior in your life and keep them safe and stimulated, Diversified Dynamic Care can help. Get in touch today for a tour.

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