Benefits of Joining Diversified Dynamic Care

Benefits of Joining Diversified Dynamic Care

There is a hidden demographic in urgent need of expert healthcare across Canada: those in need of long-term care, in-home care, and assisted living. For anyone in the home nursing industry, the shortage of skilled labor presents an opportunity for assisted living professionals and home nurses — and that opportunity comes with higher pay, flexible hours, and of course, the opportunity to help those in need by joining Diversified Dynamic Care, right here in Arva, Ontario. Read on to learn more about this opportunity, and how we can help you.


What is Diversified Dynamic Care?

Diversified Dynamic Care is a staffing agency that specializes in providing temporary or continuous employment opportunities for nurses and healthcare professionals. We serve patients who live in longterm care homes, private residences, hospitals, retirement homes, and residential care homes. In short, we help our community’s heroes — healthcare professionals — serve those most in need.



We provide fully hands-on, individualized training for all of our home nursing assistants and assisted living specialists. When you work with Diversified Dynamic Care, you won’t just work in assisted living facilities. Our registered nurses work in fields such as mental health, intensive care units, emergency departments, pre- and post-operatives, long term care homes, public health and community care homes.


Flexible Hours

When you work with Diversified Dynamic Care, you’ll set your own hours and decide your own working schedule. We offer unparalleled flexibility in the industry, with the freedom to work when you want, or in a way that works with your busy schedule. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to trade schedules with other nurses, meaning you can further customize when you work. Flexible hours allow you to:

  • Customize when you work, and build a schedule that works for you

  • Have days off that you need

  • Trade shifts with other nurses and work whenever you want


Serve Your Community

You were drawn to healthcare because you love to serve others in your community. Our nursing and staffing program allows you to jump right into your local community’s healthcare environment, so you can start making a difference right away. And by making a difference, we don’t just mean taking your patient’s blood pressure. Our home nurse program emphasizes maximizing independence over assisted living, so you can be sure you’re helping the people in your community achieve their healthcare goals. When you provide assisted living through Diversisifed Dynamic Care, you’ll also use best-in-practice techniques to help people around you; proven techniques that can have a real impact on your clients.


Comfortable and Positive Work Environment

Our assisted living, general healthcare, and home nurse specialists enjoy a comfortable, positive working environment. We offer hands-on, informative training before deciding your placement, so you can go into the job knowing you have the skills and experience to handle the challenges that assisted living can bring. Additionally, we offer a one-day trial of our program, which means you can get a taste of the working environment and the job duties before fully committing.


Nurses From All Walks of Life

We hire staff for a number of different roles and positions across our care network. And because we do staffing for home nurses and other care facilities, that means we’re always on the hunt for experienced nurses practicing as aides, community healthcare workers, general health practiconers, behavioral health, support workers, councellors, and much, much more. If you’re interested in breaking into a specific area in the field, we not only have the staff to help guide you in the right direction, we will also put you into your preferred field, so you can work closely with other professionals in the industry.


Work With the Best

We have over 90 healthcare professionals in our network serving their communities, and working flexible hours with generous benefits. All of our practitioners, including our home nurses, have the proper credentials and licensure to work in the field. Additionally, we only hire nurses who have experience, so you can be sure that if you’re looking to kick start your career, or gain experience to break into a niche area in the field, you’re working with experienced professionals who can help guide you.

Referral Program

We offer a generous referral program. For each referral you pass along to Diversified Dynamic Care you will receive a cash bonus.

Work with Diversified Dynamic Care today, and see how we’re making a difference in the lives of the people in our community.

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