Dementia Consultation

Dementia Consultation

At Diversified Dynamic Care, our consultation service is one of the ways we can help a person with a diagnosis of Dementia, their caregiver, or a loved one, work out their next steps.

The consultation service is a way to find out more about Dementia, its symptoms, and its stages. It helps individuals and their families reduce the stress and anxiety that is associated with the diagnosis of dementia. It is also a free service, setting up an appointment is as simple as giving us a call (EXT 0) or booking an appointment through our website

Our professional team will hold your hands throughout your journey, offer support to you and your family and provide you with a personalized care plan that reflects your wishes, the things, and the people that are most important to you. We will also help by connecting you with many other services that may be suitable for you and your family.

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Caring for people with Dementia

Caring for people with Dementia.

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